Bridal Designs

prem mehandi
prem mehandi

The wedding and festival seasons are coming up, and ladies love applying mehandi on every occasion. Bridal Mehandi designs are applied for brides during the marriage or also on sangeet ceremony. They are commonly applied on hands and feet they also applied on full arm and full leg as well. There are different types of mehndi designs for example arabic, indo-arabic, moroccan, traditional, glitter mehandi design and many more.
Bridal mehndi designs are related on a lady because of various sort of sentiments. The most well-known one is that the darker the color of mehandi leaves on the hands and feet of a bride, the more she loved, regarded and valued by her husband and mother-in-law in future.
But apart from that common belief, there are some others reasons also why brides spend hours-and-hours to have a well-designed mehandi on her hands and feet. Mehandi is likewise well known for its medicinal benefits. Stress makes illnesses every once in a while the lady of incredible significance. To avoid such incidence, bridal mehndi designs are added and it’s decreased stress and cools down the bride’s nerves. It also shields them from any viral diseases before the wedding. That is the reason these are etched on the hands and feet as these are where the nerve endings are. Its effectiveness is improved by using some essential oils, clove, and lemon.